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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, September 29, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Barack's 'plan' loses its shock value, the Islamic State is said to be closer to Baghdad, Barack pleads intel failure, and much more. Who was it that claimed Barack Obama played three dimensional chess? Whomever started that lie should step forward and take accountability for that outlandish claim. Iraq? His 'plan' is falling apart for anyone who wants to pay attention. Lizzie Dearden (Irish Indpendent) reports: According to the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, Isil was approaching the Iraqi capital yesterday morning. "The Islamic State are now less than 2km away from entering Baghdad," a spokesperson said. "They said it could never happen and now it almost has. President Obama says he overestimated what the Iraqi Army could do. Well you only need to be here a very short while to know they can do very very... (more)

Hotrod's Blurty
Wow Cant beleive this is still here
So much to add! Will be Updating!

Come Back Yukk!
Hola! Lama banget gw ga menjamah blog ini, lama banget! Dari last posting ke sekarang udah 10 tahun. 10 tahun!!! *treak dramatis* Selama itu mood gw ternyata menguap kaya sapi, ya bayangin suatu pagi yang cerah dan gembira seekor sapi terbangun dari tidur cantiknya, mulutnya kebuka ngeluarin asep sambil nge-cek timeline. Pernah liat? Sama, gw juga jangan sampe sih. Oke, Kemana ajakah gw selama 10 tahun Presiden SBY menjabat itu? Ya gitu, kadang gw kesana, kadang gw kesitu, pokoknya kemana-mana hatiku senang lalalala. Gw muncul lagi menjelang pergantian presiden, tanpa disengaja, tanpa rekayasa *padahal gak ada hubungannya juga*. Gw sekonyong2 mencoba login dan berhasil. Ugh yeah! *ngepalin tangan kanan, tangan kiri megang microphone* *dilakukan berulang-ulang dengan hitungan 2x8* Tapi mood nulis gw emang mungkin persis kaya beberapa abg zaman sekarang, kadang suka pake hotpants, kadang suka pake rok mini, kadang suka gak pake apa-apa. Dan mood gw... (more)


Although I don't manipulate you, I realize that I manipulate myself, in reaction to you. 05-13-07

Realtors In Houston Now Easy To Find!

Back in the day finding a top Realtor in Houston (or anywhere for that matter) was difficult because it was hard for consumers to do independent research. Customers didn't have the internet available to them to search for people's names so that they could look at reviews of a Realtor's performance. I'm sure a lot of you can remember back in the days when all we had was the yellow pages to go by. All we once had was the appearance of the ads in the yellow pages or the newspaper in order for us to determine the quality of real estate agents. True, we also had word of mouth. That was a big deal (we have all heard the saying that its not who you know its what you know). Anyway, nowadays some very good real estate companies have partnered up with top realtors in houston and they have a very strict criteria for each agent in order to actually classify them as top realtors. These top realtors in Austin must have closed a certain amount of deals, must have been in the real... (more)

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